Unsere Stuten

Das Herz unserer Zucht ist eine große Bandbreite an erfolgreichen Mutterstuten.

My Good China

Zippos Mr Good Bar x Fancy China 2002

lotta rhythm

Zippos Mr Good Bar x Lavish Me Only 2014

ms mac goodbar

Zippos Mr Good Bar x Mystified Mac 2005

good miss gracious

 Zippos Mr Good Bar x Miss April Socks 1999

shy mr good bar

 Zippos Mr Good Bar x Rosys Shy Valentine 2005

shez good too

 Zippos Mr Good Bar x Double My Assets 2009

fancy tonite

  Night Chip x Chase The Potential 2010 

Five carats

Invitation Only x Rancholm MK Tewa 1999

only Passinthrough

 Invitation Only x Pass Aero 2009

many hot asset

Blazing Hot x  An Elegant Asset 2000

luke out fellas

Luke At Me x  Binthar Dundat 2004

green luke

 Green With Invy  x  Luke Out Fellas 2012

Zipping my potential

Potential Investment  x  MBB Zippo Delight 2004

SH zips sweetpassion

Talkingsweetlopinslo x Zippos Passion 2007

bma love asset

 Zipped My Zipper  x  Good Time To Invest 2009

A Good Edition

A Good Machine  x  Silent Rising Sun 2010

Im A Dark Lady

Hotroddin Invitation  x  Jazz Band Dancin 2011

GQH shes the one

 Hotroddin Invitation  x  Absolutlycaptivating 2017

GQh Good decision

Hotroddin Invitation  x  Shez Good Too 2018


 Englisches Vollblut 2007

lil chocolate girl

 Zips Chocolate Chip  x Elegant Rosita 2011

GQh Fancy Invitation

Hotroddin Invitation  x  Fancy Tonite 2019 

GQH Kind Of Grace

 Hotroddin Invitation x Good Miss Gracious 2021

GQH Miss Lockdown

 Hotroddin Invitation x MS Mac Good Bar 2020

Rock star doll

Pillamindi Roc x Farrah Star Doll 2003

GQH Shez Blazing Too

 Blazing Hot x Shez Good Too 2020

GQH Miss good rebel

 Assets Good Rebel x Five Carats 2020 

good Property

Zippos Mr Good Bar x 
2003 - 2022


 The Last Detail x  Fast Operator

mostly awesome

 An Awesome Mister  x Cinderrullah